The Difference Between a Repairable and a “Totaled” Vehicle

Right of Way

If you have been in a bad collision recently, your auto insurance company has probably told you that your auto is totaled, meaning that the cost of repairing your car exceeds its value. To get the most out of an auto insurance settlement, read the following guide to understand the difference between totaled and repairable vehicles:

How a Car is Deemed “Totaled”

Contrary to popular belief, a whether a car is “totaled” depends entirely on cost, not damage. An auto insurance company determines whether your car is totaled by determining the cost to repair your car and comparing it to the actual cash value of your car. Generally, if it costs more to repair the car, an auto insurance company will “write off” the car as totaled. But some insurance companies will determine a car to be totaled if repairs are greater than half of the vehicle’s value.

Keeping Your Car

Some people decide that they would rather not accept a “write off,” and would prefer instead to keep their car and get it repaired. This can be done, and might actually be a better option for you, so it’s a good idea to consider both options. Take your car to an auto body shop that does affordable, top-notch repairs and see how much repairs would cost. Many insurance companies would be willing to work with you on this if you request to keep it early in the process.

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