Heading Off the Beaten Path? A Lift Kit Help Your Ride Get There

lift kits

A lift kit is a great way to get the ground clearance you need for all of your off-road adventures. These suspension upgrades for SUVs, jeeps, and trucks improve four-wheeling and rock-crawling performance and give your vehicle a rough and ready look. Let’s take at a look at some of the advantages of heading to the auto body shop and having a lift kit installed.

Lift Kits Increase Ground Clearance

One of the benefits of a lifted vehicle is increased ground clearance. When you increase the distance between your axles and the ground, you can tackle larger obstacles like rocks and boulders. In addition, ground clearance is important for winter driving and fording rivers. If an engine is submerged in water, then it will flood and stop working. A lift kit can keep engines high and dry.

Lift Kits Improve Visibility

Improved visibility is great for driving on the street because it allows you to read traffic patterns with ease and see several cars ahead of you. When travelling on dirt roads and unstable off-road terrain, a higher vantage point from a vehicle with a lift kit makes finding the right lines up a mountain easier.

Lift Kits Give Your Vehicle an Aggressive Look

Lifted vehicles are unmistakable, and the aggressive look of an off-road ready truck is one of its best aspects. If you want to set your vehicle apart from the rest aesthetically while adding functionality to your vehicle, then a lift kit is perfect for you. When you have a lift-kit installed, you may also want to consider adding running boards or foot-steps. A chrome foot-step or running board can add individuality to your truck and make getting in and out much easier.

When it comes to lift kits, Dave’s Body Shop has all the best systems and manufacturers, and we can install a lift-kit for you today. Our technicians are the most skilled in the Salt Lake area, and our friendly staff can work with you for a quick and easy payment process.  Contact us by phone at (801) 566-3906 or visit us online for more information related to our services.