The Benefits of Owning a Mini Cooper and How to Take Care of It

The Mini Coopers are fun and versatile little cars with a colorful history and a solid reputation. These coupes and convertibles combine iconic British styling with legendary German engineering to provide a subcompact car that attracts buyers from all walks of life. Here is a brief overview of the benefits of owning a mini, with a guide to maintaining yours.


The Mini is a blast to drive, with a 1.6 liter engine producing more than enough power to propel this little car at exciting speeds without compromising stability and control. Trim levels like the Cooper S and John Cooper Works up the horsepower for and even sportier ride. Ever since the beginning of the brand, Minis have been known for packing a surprising amount of space into a subcompact frame. The rear seats fold down to offer 24 cubic feet of cargo space behind two roomy front seats and high quality sound system.


To keep your Mini safe and fun to drive, you will need to keep it properly maintained. A well-kept Mini will hold on to its 37 highway mpg and keep you out of collisions. There are a few simple things that can be done to make sure that your Mini stays in great shape. Minis are known for fuel efficiency and sporty capabilities . To ensure that your vehicle does not loose these qualities, the first thing you can do is check the tires. Underinflation can decrease your gas mileage and overinflation will cause a decrease in handling. Regularly change the oil and inspect fluid levels. Always check coolant and oil before a long trip, and clean or replace the air filter as needed to ensure maximum performance.

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MINI Cooper S (R56)