Benefits of Clear Bra to Protect Your Vehicle

Clear Bra is a transparent vinyl covering for the front of your car that keeps your car’s paint and body clean and protected from corrosive pollutants and debris.

Here are some of the benefits of the Clear Bra for your car.


Everyone hates it when his car’s paint chips, rusts, or gets scratched. Not only do they look bad, but small visual defects can chip away at your car’s resale value as well. The clear bra protects your car’s auto body by covering it with a durable vinyl covering and prevents rock chips, bug stains, and other wear and tear that your car will inevitably endure when you drive it on the open road.


Originally, auto bras came in black vinyl, covering up your beautiful paint job. The Clear Bra is nearly invisible to the eye, so you can actually enjoy the paint job you’re trying to protect, rather than simply concealing it. When professionally installed, the clear bra contours with the angles and head lamps of your car perfectly.


The protection offered by the Clear Bra will save you money over time. You would normally need to have an auto body shop touch up, repair, or repaint your car in order to get the same perfect appearance offered by the Clear Bra. This is especially attractive for those who lease and want to minimize the likelihood of unwanted expenses.

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