Tips for Taking Care of Your Off-Road Vehicle

When you leave the road, your car works hard to keep you safe. So don’t forget to take care of your off-road vehicle in return. In addition to regular preventative maintenance, your off-road vehicle will benefit from regular bodywork to protect its exterior from corrosive chemicals found in city air and other dirt. Here are some other tips for taking care of your off-road vehicle.

Know the Terrain

Part of the fun of going off the road is exploring “uncharted territory.” Nonetheless, it’s important to understand the terrain and your vehicle’s capabilities. Ask your auto body shop exactly what your off-road vehicle will be able to handle and explore appropriately. Often, you won’t have cell phone reception in the wild, so it’s important to let other know where you’ll be off-roading, establish an emergency plan, and understand the limits of your vehicle.

Prepare Your Vehicle

As any off-roader knows, to handle the toughest terrain your vehicle needs high clearance. Your body shop can help you “lift” your vehicle to give you the extra clearance you need to explore rough terrain. Ask your auto shop about winterizing your vehicle in order to keep it running properly in the coldest months. Always ask your auto body shop about the legal regulations that you’re obligated to meet and make sure that your vehicle passes all the requirements of your state.


Detailing will go a long way in clearing out your wheel wells, cleaning your lift package, and getting your windows looking spic and span. In addition, regular detailing preserves your vehicle’s paint and prevents rust and other corrosion.

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