Signs That Indicate it’s Time to Get Your Vehicle Detailed by a Professional

A standard car wash does a decent job of cleaning your car, but if you’ve recently been traveling on dirt roads, taken long freeway trips, or simply haven’t had your car washed in a long time, a quick car wash may be unable to remove the dirt that builds up inside and outside of your car. 

Let’s look at the signs that indicate it’s time to get your vehicle detailed by a professional.

Caked-On Dirt

With quick car washes, your auto’s body never really gets clean. Some grime won’t come off with a quick spray, such as the bug marks on your front fender and the mud around your wheel wells. This type of caked-on dirt requires a hand-washed exterior or, better yet, a deep clean and paint sealant.

Interior Dirt

Many brave souls have dragged their home vacuum or shop-vac out to the car and tried every attachment that came in the box. If you’ve noticed that it’s impossible to reach every crevice and even the open areas aren’t getting perfectly clean, then it’s time to have your interior professionally vacuumed .


Have you covered your upholstery in your morning coffee or redecorated your interior in mustard? For these types of stains, an interior deep-clean with a shampoo-job and stain-treating is the only thing that will remove them.


With a professional detail job, your car will not only be cleaned—the surfaces will also be protected from wear and erosion. If you’re noticing a lot of fading, let a professional protect your car.

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