• Our Commitment to “Green” Auto Repair Services

    Dave’s Body Shop is dedicated to providing our customers with the most eco-friendly auto repair services possible. We use only low-VOC products and waterborne paint, so we don’t contribute to harming the ozone layer. Our shop also recycles most of the materials it uses, including oil, aluminum, antifreeze, and cardboard. We have also been certified […]

  • See a Demonstration of a Collision Damage Evaluation

    When your vehicle has been involved in a collision, you should take it to a body shop to have it evaluated for damage. Even if your vehicle seems to be running as usual, there may be hidden damage that you can’t detect—and which could render your vehicle unsafe to drive. Watch this video to see […]

  • Emergency Items to Keep in Your Car During Your Road Trip

    Are you planning a road trip? If so, it’s important to make sure that you’re as prepared as possible. While you may not encounter any problems during your trip, it’s smart to be ready for any eventuality. That means bringing the right emergency items along with you. Here are some must-have items to keep in […]

  • What to Look for in a Body Shop Paint Department

    When your car has been damaged in a collision, one thing you’re likely to be concerned about is the paint job. Restoring the paint to its previous appearance is essential if you want to ensure that your vehicle continues to look good. Here’s what you should look for when you’re in need of a body […]

  • Why You Can Trust Dave’s Body Shop with Your Vehicle

    Has your vehicle been damaged in an accident? When you want to enjoy total peace of mind that your vehicle is in safe hands, come to Dave’s Body Shop. Your vehicle will be kept in a secure storage area with an alarm system at all times. We also offer emergency towing services so that your […]

  • Recognition for Dave’s Body Shop in West Jordan

    Dave’s Body Shop has been proudly serving customers in West Jordan, Utah, for a long time, and we plan to continue to serve the community for many years to come! In fact, Dave’s is the longest-standing member of the West Jordan Chamber of Commerce. Watch this video for a tribute to Dave’s Body Shop from […]

  • Smart Strategies for Protecting Your Vehicle’s New Paint

    Once you’ve purchased a brand-new vehicle, it’s understandable that you want to keep it in good condition. Along with making sure it continues to run properly, most vehicle owners want to preserve their car’s like-new appearance for as long as possible. So, how can you protect your vehicle’s paint job?   Wax your vehicle regularly. […]

  • Is It Dangerous to Drive with Bad Shocks?

    The purpose of your shocks and struts is to absorb the bumps and bounces that would otherwise make your car very uncomfortable to drive. While your car’s shocks and struts should last for a long time, they will eventually need to be replaced. If you go too long without replacing your shocks, it can be […]

  • Understanding Our Repairs Warranty

    When you bring your vehicle to a body shop, it’s reasonable to expect that the repairs will be backed up by a full warranty. This warranty is good for the life of the car, and it is provided in writing. At Dave’s Body Shop, we take that good deal one step further, and make it […]

  • Been in an Accident? Here Is What You Need to Know About Documenting Damages

    It’s safe to say that nobody ever feels fully prepared for an accident. However, knowing what to do in advance can help you protect your rights. In particular, it’s important to do what you can to document as much evidence of the damages caused by the accident as possible. Here’s what you need to know. […]